Renovated Bank of America Center Opens in East Camden


CAMDEN, NJ— Bank of America yesterday celebrated the reopening of its newly renovated Camden Community Financial Center in East Camden.

The center, located at 2700 Westfield Ave., is the fourth of its kind opened by Bank of America in the Greater Philadelphia region over the past 30 days.

“We support communities in becoming more financially resilient by delivering access, resources and capital at scale,” said Robert Doherty, New Jersey market president, in a statement.

“Serving clients and partners in communities just like Camden is what Bank of America was founded on, and our continued investment in a tailored community-centered approach means that we can make a meaningful impact by advancing economic mobility for our clients and making neighborhoods stronger," he said.

The newly renovated center’s goal is to serve as a neighborhood destination for financial advice and guidance, helping its clients to build a savings plan, establish or rebuild their credit, or buy their first home.

New features at the center include:

  • An interactive touch screen in the lobby with Better Money Habits™ information focused on helping clients learn more about their money and how to improve their credit.
  • Wi-Fi for clients, so they can download and access the bank’s mobile app without drawing on their personal data plans.
  • New ATMs with updated features such as cardless access, making credit card payments and selecting the bill mix when withdrawing cash.

Bank of America has served the Camden community for more than 20 years, and its Camden employees living and working in the community serve more than 7,714 customers.

“Our goal is to create jobs and drive economic growth in the communities we serve. Camden’s success is our success, enabling us to grow in a responsible and sustainable way,” Doherty said in a statement.