Reimagining the Civic Commons

By Camden Community Partnership, February 10, 2023

Reimagining the Civic Commons supports cities — including Camden — to transform how they design, manage and program public spaces like parks, trails, libraries and community centers. A new report, The Power of the Commons, highlights the inspirational impacts of this collaborative work in its first five cities.

Here and around the country, Reimagining the Civic Commons is demonstrating that public spaces can connect people of all backgrounds, cultivate trust, and create more economically and environmentally resilient communities. See the recently issued report by report to learn more about the powerful impacts of this work in five of the first Reimagining the Civic Commons cities (Philadelphia, Memphis, Akron, Detroit, and Chicago).

Camden has joined this learning network just last year. In case you missed the announcement in December, you can see the Camden Announcement Here that we previously shared.

Camden’s participation in Reimagining the Civic Commons will allow the city to gain valuable knowledge, resources and learn from other cities as it continues the concerted and focused commitment to expand and improve parks and open spaces across the city for residents of all ages to utilize.