Camden non-profit rolls out job portal to fill 2,000 jobs in the city

By Kennedy Rose, September 9, 2019

Local economic development agency Cooper’s Ferry Partnership launched a jobs portal to connect job seekers to businesses moving or expanding into Camden. 

The portal aims to connect Camden employers with prospective candidates to fill about 2,000 open jobs in the city, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership CEO Kris Kolluri said. Cooper’s Ferry Partnership and Camden-based web development non profit Hopeworks worked together to build the portal. Hopeworks, a non profit that provides information technology education to Camden’s youth, built the job portal.

There are job openings across multiple industries, Kolluri told the Philadelphia Business Journal — including positions at several hospitals, trucking companies and even the municipality. The City of Camden is promoting hiring for its 2020 Census count through the portal — counters can expect to be paid $16.50 per hour, which is above New Jersey’s statewide $10 per hour minimum wage.

The portal is not only available to residents of the city. If a Camden company is looking for people to do work in other parts of the New Jersey, that will also be available on the site, Kolluri added. 

 “Even if a few people are able to take advantage of the information, get the interview and get the job, I think we’ve changed the trajectory of that person, but also generations of people coming after that person,” Kolluri said. 

Camden’s unemployment rate currently sits at 7.9%, the lowest rate in years, according to data from the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Though that is low for Camden, it is still much higher than the state average of 3.3% and the national unemployment rate at 3.7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I think there is a recognition that not only this job portal plays a useful role in the community, but there is an understanding that this is one other way that a company can reach out to a recruit in a tight job market,” Kolluri said.

The jobs portal, which can be found on the Cooper's Ferry website, is just one place where Camden residents can find jobs in the city. However, Kolluri said he thought it was important for Camden to have its own platform. Job seekers can apply directly through companies’ jobs portals after going through the job portal.