Dredging at Newton Creek Ends After Years of Planning, Work - Continued Commitment from Camden County and the CCMUA to Improve Environmental Conditions for Residents Including its Ongoing Work in Camden

By Cherry Hill Courier Post, Phaedra Trethan, January 13, 2023

Despite the January chill, Newton Lake Park's walking trails were well populated on a recent weekday. People and their dogs — dogs and their people? — strolled the winding paths just off Cuthbert Boulevard and Lakeshore Drive, taking in the view and trying to navigate around the ubiquitous Canadian geese.

The park's popularity wasn't lost on Maggie McCann Johns, director of Camden County's Parks Department, or on Scott Schreiber, executive director of the county's Municipal Utilities Authority, or on Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the Parks Department, who greeted two- and four-legged park visitors as they walked past.