CK Cafe in Camden NJ Reopens for Lunch, Pre-Order Meals

By Cherry Hill Courier Post, Phaedra Trethan, October 10, 2022

The bottled and canned drinks are in the cooler. The kitchen staff is ready, the prep work done, the cookies and strawberry shortcakes packaged and ready to go.

The banner outside waves in the October breeze, telling people that CK Cafe, after more than two years of pandemic-forced closure, is once open again for business.

"We're really happy to reopen," said Noreen Flewelling, development director for Cathedral Kitchen, which serves meals to people in need and offers training for careers in culinary arts and hospitality. "We thought this might be a short closure, but here we are ..."

Where they are is right next to Cathedral Kitchen's Federal Street dining room in Camden, well-situated to serve the lunch crowds from Subaru, ResinTech and Campbell's Soup, among other businesses in the area. One of the challenges to reopening the cafe, Flewelling acknowledged, is fewer workers coming to their offices on a daily basis, putting a crimp not only in the cafe's walk-in visitors but also in its catering business.

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