Camden is Touted as Clean Water Act Success

By NJ Spotlight News, Raven Santana, September 15, 2022

As state leaders work to improve aging water infrastructure in New Jersey, big strides made in Camden were touted at an event with federal leaders. Before the Clean Water Act some 50 years ago, factories in and around the city dumped chemicals, sewage and runoff into bodies of water with little to no regulation stopping them.

“Over $300 million has been spent in this area by New Jersey and Camden,” said Bruno Pigott, deputy assistant administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency, pointing to the transformation of some of the state’s biggest dumping grounds.

But, “as much as we should be proud … it hasn’t been enough,” said Shawn LaTourette, commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

One challenge for Camden is its combined sewer system, which combines sewage and stormwater in one pipe on the way to the water treatment plant. If capacity is exceeded, it can overspill into lakes and waterways. Pigott said it’s a challenge that won’t be fixed overnight, but is being worked on.

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