Camden police host block party for citizens with cookout, video games

By Hank Flynn, July 27, 2019

CAMDEN - Camden County Police Department hosted a block party Saturday for residents in the Morgans Village section of the city.

As part of a community outreach program, officers were spotted firing up the barbeque grills and serving food on the corner of Louis Street and Sheridan Street.

The department also teamed up with Camden-based video game company 'Games on the Go' who provided a mobile video game truck. Block party goers enjoyed popular titles such as Mortal Kombat and Minecraft.

The idea behind the pop-up block parties is to create a bond between Camden police and residents of the city.

"It's been hugely successful," said one officer. "The video games go over well with the kids, their parents come out and talk to us and see that we are interested in the community and we will be there for them."

The block party Saturday was just one of a handful of gatherings the department will host this summer. More information about where their next stop is can be found on the department's Facebook page.